Apples Time Machine is a great backup solution, you only have to do one thing: Connect your disk from time to time.

Since that is way harder than it sounds, there’s a second option: Buy a 329€ Time Capsule and do backups over wifi!

That’s too expensive? Here’s how to build your own Time Capsule with a Raspberry Pi 3 and an external hard drive.

Sonoff takes the standard ESP8266 chip and adds two things:

  • a casing with wifi and great connectors and
  • a custom OS and an app to control the devices.

Unfortunately, the second addition also means that all communication goes through Sonoff’s servers. Here’s how to get rid of that. Without soldering or connecting anything.

“Hey Siri, turn on the bedroom lights!” I want that. Here’s how I did it:

  • I bought a bunch of Sonoff devices (5€ each, 10€ for a light switch).
  • I bought a raspberry pi (33€).
  • I installed an MQTT broker and homebridge on the pi.




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