Two-speed IT

by Jannik Arndt

The Problem

You’re a corporation. Your IT department is old, slow and can’t innovate. Your competitor however can. So you try what every corporation tries: Two-speed IT.

The solution

It’s easy: You take the best employees from every department, put them together, give them the highest priority and a lot of funding. Kind of like a startup, but with corporate money.

The catch

You’re a corporation. You don’t have good employees. You drove them away years ago, with your processes and hierarchies. You only have employees who suck less then the others.

The solution

You hire a bunch of consultants, so your people can tell them to innovate.

The catch

You’re a corporation, remember? You don’t have good employees. You have people who are good with processes and hierarchies. They will inevitably build the only thing they know: An old, slow department that can’t innovate, with processes, hierarchies and consultants. Also, you have deprived your actual IT department of its best employees.


The PostgreSQL installation comes with a great tool, psql, to administer and inspect the database. pgcli extends this with syntax highlighting and autocompletion.

I want my photos to have location info in them, and Nikon wants way too much money for that. So I’ll do this: Let my Apple Watch track where I go, using the Outdoor Walk, export the route as GPX and use exiftool to tag all my images. Here’s how I do that.