Jannik Arndt

1989 Löptin
1999 – 2008 Preetz
2008 – 2015 Oldenburg
B.A. Musikwissenschaften,
M.Sc. Informatik
2015 – 2016 PPI, Hamburg
At PPI I learned to build software to specifications. I became an expert in C#, learned to understand COBOL and through that, discovered the beauty of functional programming in Scala.
2017 – 2019 holisticon, Hamburg
My work at holisticon taught me an agile mindset, created excitement for Big Data and airplanes at LHT, let me experience the Data Science and the Data Engineering parts of a huge project at Breuninger, fostered my Scala skills and finally led me to applying all that I learned at MOIA, in the team that cared about every step in the customer journey.
2019 – today MOIA, Hamburg
I am…
… a Product-Engineer: I am one of the minds that make booking a MOIA a good experience
… a Scala-Dev: I nerd about making advanced code readable
… a Chapter-Lead: I’m a servant leader to a handful amazing devs

I try to understand all, from the infrastructure and AWS services, over the code and it’s dependencies, the pipelines and processes, the teams and APIs, to the apps and our users. And I enjoy sharing this knowledge, in onboarding sessions for the newbies, architecture discussions with the seniors or dashboards and slides for the pros.

I am good at understanding complex systems and chopping them down into smaller solutions. I enjoy making this look easy by explaining it well. I gain energy on working with people who care, on a product that matters.